Huna Mua: A comprehensive and in-depth program of study of the Lomi Lomi, Huna, Ancient and Sacred Mystery Teachings, and more
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Lomi Lomi, Huna Mua and other workshops offered by Karen Reifinger

Hawaiian Healing Studies:
160-hour Certificate Program
(approved by the PA Dept. of Education, 2006)

Long before 750 A.D, there flourished a system of personal development, healing and spiritual discipline practiced by all peoples of the earth. The ideas were profound, yet elegantly simple. Today, only remnants of this system remain.

This system is called Huna - a profound psycho-spiritual system combining the powers of the mind with the forces of nature. The Bodywork is called LOMI-LOMI - used to free the body of long held stress patterns, to quiet the mind, and bringing deeper quality of life. This comprehensive program combines the powers of the mind with the forces of nature to live in harmony with self, nature and the universe.

The program is 160 hours of continuous study over an approximate 5-month period. It involves experience and knowledge so that you connect with the source of all consciousness and energy, and develop and expand your awareness, your healing gifts and/or healing practice.

We present LomiLomi and Huna as both an esteemed philosophy and healing system, as well as a magnificently modern guide to living in harmony with self, nature and the universe.

Workshop participants learn the unique body mechanic and techniques which support both facilitator and receiver. Participants are guided in the use of focus along with intention and presence to bring a deeper quality of nurturing to the session.

The core of this program includes:

Huna Principles - a fundamental psycho-spiritual system for healing and change.
LomiLomi: Hawaiian Temple Style Bodywork Training - sacred touch to awaken the spirit in the physical body.
Ho'oponopono - a traditional problem-solving method to resolve situations that are detrimental to self or community.
Connecting With Your Healing Gifts
The Art of Creating Sacred Space & Ceremony
Client Care & Communication Skills
And more...

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