Huna Mua: A comprehensive and in-depth program of study of the Lomi Lomi, Huna, Ancient and Sacred Mystery Teachings, and more
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Born in the Islands of the South Pacific, this unique bodywork recaptures the long forgotten wisdom of the ancient Master Healers of Hawaii.

Lomi Ke Ala Hoku: Lomi of the pathway to the stars

Lomilomi incorporates movement, breath and dance, and uses deep and gentle rhythmic strokes of the faciliator's forearmsOriginally designed to enlighten the being in the physical body,the sacred practice of LomiLomi incorporates movement, breath, dance, and the power of intention and presence. Honoring the body as a temple of the soul, this massage is a transformational experience to free the body of long held stress patterns, using deep and gentle rhythmic strokes of the facilitator’s forearms…connecting the giver and receiver in a beautiful “dance.” These strokes create an immense outpouring of energy, lulling you into a deep meditative state of bliss. The focus is on letting go, quieting the mind of its chatter, and allowing your Self to receive unconditionally.

This unique bodywork reweaves a new way of being, becoming a profound contemporary rite of passage that facilitates and celebrates the meaningful transitions in your life. Many find it to be a unique and profound heart opening experience.

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Lomi Ke Ala Hoku is a form of Hawaiian bodywork that has a strong foundation based on Hawaiian culture and beliefs.This workshop keeps the integrity of the spiritual foundation intact but does not promote or endorse any particular religion.