Huna Mua: A comprehensive and in-depth program of study of the Lomi Lomi, Huna, Ancient and Sacred Mystery Teachings, and more
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Lomi Lomi, Huna Mua and other workshops offered by Karen Reifinger

Huna Mini-Series

The Mini-Series presents the fundamental principles of Hawaiian Consciousness in a way which adapts easily to your daily life. The workshops may be taken in any order you choose.

The Fundamentals of Huna
3-hour Workshop

This is a basic overview of Huna and how you can change your life by incorporating the basic principles into everyday activities.

The 7 Shamanic Principles of Huna
3 or 6-hour Workshop

Seven Principles to guide you through everyday life to attain balance and harmony within yourself as well as your environment.

The Power of the Spoken Word
3 or 6 hour Workshop

Nature has a way of reflecting love, and all life recognizes it. When you speak positively, you will think positively, for you cannot speak unless you think first. With the mastery of positive speaking, you can clear your mind of undesirable fixations and complexities. Through objective listening and conscious speaking we will learn how to the spoken word can change our lives as well as the lives of others.

The Integration of the 3 Selves (Body-Mind-Soul)
6-hour Workshop

In Huna, it is believed that human behavior and experiences can be explained and changed through the interaction of our three (sometimes four) selves: mind, body, soul, Spirit. This workshop explores the functions and characteristics of our four selves, provides tools to achieve integration of all four.

Understanding The Mind & Emotions Through Huna
3-hour Workshop

Explore the world of the mind, consciousness and emotions in relationship to the present moment and how you navigate life.

3 or 6-hour Workshop

A traditional problem-solving method to resolve situations that are detrimental to one's self or community. Participant learn the basic practice of conflict resolution through the power of forgiveness.

Ha Breathing Rite
3-hour Workshop

Breath is not only the breathing of the lungs, it is the Sacred, the Spirit, the essence of all life. Through conscious breathing, Hawaiian-style, we open ourselves to increased vitality as well as experiencing states of extra-sensory and multi-dimensional awareness.