Huna Mua: A comprehensive and in-depth program of study of the Lomi Lomi, Huna, Ancient and Sacred Mystery Teachings, and more
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Huna Mua Wellness Studio has been serving the alternative wellness community in the Greater Philadelphia area since 2005.  As an independent resource, we offer innovative wellness options, private sessions, workshops, trainings and retreats to keep the mind, body, and spirit at peak performance. We operate at a pace that brings attention, focus, and positive spiritual energy towards your individual wellness goals. We believe in quality, not quantity.

Huna Mua Wellness Studio provides a safe and sacred pathway to support your personal journey as we rewrite the rules of wellness and medicine. Our services are a great to create a positive change in your life and transcend the ordinary healing and training experience. And of course, we are guided by Divine influence and angelic presence. Aloha - may the breath of life be with us all.


Karen Reifinger, Founder & Director

LomiLomi Temple Style Bodywork

The flowing bodywork of LomiLomi is vibrant and deeply relaxing. Long rhythmic movements of the practitioner's forearm embrace you in gentle yet deeply profound cascading waves of relaxation - lulling, unconditionally nurturing and meditative.

(Individual Sessions, Workshops)

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Huna (meaning "secret") combines the powers of the mind with the forces of nature to initiate change in your life. Once the lifestyle of Old Hawaii, this system of personal development, healing and spiritual discipline is elegant yet simple.

(Individual Sessions, Workshops, Programs)

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Workshops and Trainings

We bring to you the wisdom of the Hawaiian Elders and healing Masters of the World. Using traditional and modern teaching methods, you are given the opportunity to journey into a deep exploration of mind, body sould, and spirit realization. All courses are hands-on, designed for beginning and experienced human beings who choose to add these profound techniques and wisdom of the Ancient Ones to their repertoire. The workshops are 80% hands-on. All students receive personal instruction.

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Individual Sessions

Designed to facilitate your well-being, rejuvenation and personal transformation, the following sessions are available:

LomiLomi Hawaiian Massage
Huna Kane
Intuitive Massage

Approved Provider

Florida Department of Health
Approved Provider

WMF 2010 Hall of Fame Inductee, Kentucky

Lomi Ke Ala Hoku is a form of Hawaiian bodywork that has a strong foundation based on Hawaiian culture and beliefs.This workshop keeps the integrity of the spiritual foundation intact but does not promote or endorse any particular religion.